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Material feed conveyor to the production line is very important. The birth of the feed conveyor was born with many different sizes and designs such as: inclined conveyors, PVC or PU duckweed conveyors, rubber conveyor belts, inclined trough conveyors, letter feed conveyors. z,  vertical feed upgrade, quantitative feed conveyor, plate feeder chain conveyor .vv Used to transfer bulk materials applied in industries, mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, electricity, food processing, etc., coal, metal ore, other industries steel company, port, cement .v.v.

Material feed conveyor to the production line is very important. The birth of the feed conveyor was born with many different sizes and designs such as: inclined conveyors, PVC or PU duckweed conveyors, rubber conveyor belts, inclined trough conveyors, letter feed conveyors. z,  vertical feed upgrade, quantitative feed conveyor, plate feeder chain conveyor .vv Used to transfer bulk materials applied in industries, mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, electricity, food processing, etc., coal, metal ore, other industries steel company, port, cement .v.v.

I. Structure of the feed conveyor.

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Geared motor: The motor uses a geared motor with a capacity of 0.1- 3.7 Kw Voltage 220V – 1 phase  or 3 phases.

– Capacity: According to customer requirements, call for advice.

2.Frame structure: Standard steel frame with powder coated surface, Stainless steel frame

– Length  : 3,000-15,000 (mm)

– Conveyor width: 500-1,200 (mm)

– Height : Adjustable

– Conveyor tilt angle  (0-45º)

2,4 Legs frame: fitted with stabilizer or castors for easy mobility

5. Belt: Use Belt PVC, Pu, ear shape, or gutter rubber, V-ribbed rubber of all kinds .vv.v

6. Transmission mechanism:  Consists of traction roller, supporting roller, sprocket, belt pulley, etc.

– Belt speed controlled by inverter 10-60 (m/min) (The speed can be adjusted depending on the product and conveyor capacity.)

– Frame structure: standard steel frame with powder coated surface.

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  These are the basic parameters to help businesses choose material feed conveyor. For more specific advice on conveyor products as well as to help provide quick solutions for businesses, please contact immediately   Hotline:  0899.338.555 – 0985.962.451, customers will be consulted and designed conveyor belts. Download 3D according to customer’s request completely Free, design consultant, technical plan, provide design drawings, and the same price plan for businesses to choose with quality best goods.

II. Features of the feed conveyor

Material feed conveyor are designed and manufactured for each type of freight transport, can be designed according to modules or calculated to transport each type of specialized transport product. of the feed conveyor.

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1. Conveyor Feeding Capability Conveyor Supply at Multiple Materials.

– Transport materials from a variety of materials to very fine blocks of stone, stone, coal or wood pulp, with minimal delivery of fine screening or fragile materials. With many other types of belts Since the conveyor belt is made of rubber, it has good anti-corrosion properties when transporting corrosive or abrasive materials lower maintenance costs
Conveyor belt can also convey a certain temperature viscous materials and highly cohesive materials can be conveyed.

2. Conveying capacity of feed conveyor

The conveying conveyor capacity meets any requirement with scale but also to achieve large scale . Conveyor feeds thousands of tons per hour.

3. Conveyor feed Conveyor line adaptability.

The feed conveyor belt can adapt to all terrains, in horizontal and inclined planes, thus reducing infrastructure investment, and can avoid other crowded locations and areas such as roads. iron interference, roads, rivers and mountains. Conveyor belt conveyors are very flexible, the conveyor length can be extended as needed.

4 Conveyor belts Flexible loading and unloading capabilities.

Conveyor belts meet the process of moving objects  according to the flexible requirements of materials from one or more points, others can be divided into several segments to adapt.

5. Conveyor feed reliability.

Conveyor feeder  has conveyor reliability for all industries experience confirms, it runs very reliably, in many critical production units that require continuous operation e.g. conveying Coal in power plants, steel and cement plants leaves transportation and ports for loading and unloading bulk materials, such as outside the harbor to ships, ferries, etc.

6. Conveyor feeders operate safely.

Conveyor feeders  work with high density, you need very little production staff, compared to other modes of transport, less chance of accidents, not because of the reduced bulk materials due to serious injury or vehicle major processing failure and caused an accident.

7. Low cost conveyor belt.

Conveyor belts transport energy requiring labor hours per ton of material in bulk, bulk material transport in all of these tools is usually the lowest, but it takes time with less maintenance, maintenance and repair. Maintenance and spare parts can be completed quickly on site, with low maintenance costs.

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III.Classification of Feed Conveyors

3.1. Inclined conveyor

Inclined conveyor is a product with a sturdy and durable frame design. Thanks to this, it is possible to transport products with large loads. Especially, the fast and quality transportation of goods is applied to the transportation of products and materials of many different industries.

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The production areas that often use inclined conveyors are:

– Factories that process foods and agricultural products.

– Used to transport components in the electronics assembly industry

– Used in units manufacturing accessories for motorcycles or cars. Besides, it is also applied to a number of other manufacturing industries with fast and cost-effective transportation.

Currently on the market there are 4 most popular types of inclined conveyors: PVC inclined conveyors, T ribbed conveyor belts, ribbed inclined angle conveyors and feed conveyors.

– PVC conveyor belt:  Design of rough tape. Therefore, it is resistant to slippage when transporting goods. The frame is manufactured from durable galvanized steel. Therefore, the bearing capacity is at a perfect level. PVC inclined angle conveyor will include tie rod and height adjustment knob in accordance with production requirements. In particular, it is also designed with wheels to facilitate movement in many different difficult terrains.

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T-ribbed inclined angle conveyor: This type of conveyor has a galvanized steel frame. In addition, it will be sprayed with electrostatic paint with high durability. The process of transporting goods will not slip or cause the goods to fall. Working performance will be enhanced.

Conveyor belt inclined slope: This type of conveyor belt will be designed with inclined angles to suit the easiest transportation of goods from high to low. Durable galvanized steel frame.

– Feed Conveyor: There are many different inclinations for the production unit to choose the most suitable conveyor. Conveyor belt PU material with very good friction and anti-slip ability. The stainless steel frame is very sturdy. This type of conveyor has a mechanism to transport granular or powdered products without falling.

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3.2. PVC Conveyor Belt.

Features and structure of PVC conveyor belt

The feeder PVC conveyor belt has a structure that is not too different from that of ordinary industrial conveyors. It will also include parts such as: steel or aluminum conveyor frames; rollers and stainless steel slide system. In addition, the motor design is small or large, depending on the product to be transported.

The distinctive structural features of this type of conveyor will be in the belt part of the conveyor. The conveyor belt structure will be featured with:

– The belt part of the PVC conveyor belt system will be molded on both sides and on the heart of the conveyor belt. Its purpose is to create voids that can hold the products and materials to be transported. This makes it difficult for the product to fall and slip during transportation.

– The tendons of the belt are designed to suit the continuous rotation of the conveyor belt. At the top of the conveyor belt, there will be a continuous ribbed design. It has a useful effect in enhancing operating traction.

Conveyor belt will design different thickness. It depends on the layer of PVC conveyor belt. The normal layer will be from 3 layers to 6 layers.

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Advantages and optimal use of PVC conveyor belts

     This type of feeder PVC conveyor belt has many great advantages:

    – Vulcanized polyamide, polyester rope for stable durability.

    – It can withstand good traction impact, withstand strong force and has little fiber elongation.

    – Conveyor belt is waterproof, avoids mold and can work in environments with high humidity.

    – Stable, durable and smooth operation. Especially save energy and labor costs.

    – Can avoid damage from the sun, avoid chemical corrosion damage.

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3.3. Stainless steel plate chain conveyor.

Features of stainless steel feed chain conveyor.

    – The conveying surface of stainless steel chain conveyor  is flat and smooth, with low friction, the material transitions between chains smoothly. It can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials and also can transfer all kinds of bags.

    – The  chain plates made of stainless steel and engineering plastics, with a variety of specifications, can be selected according to the transmission material and process requirements, which can meet the different needs of different industries different industries.

    – Large carrying capacity, can carry large loads, such as used in electric vehicles, motorcycles, generators and other industries;

    – Accurate and stable transmission speed, which can ensure accurate synchronous transmission.

    – The split chain conveyor can generally be washed directly with water or directly immersed in water. The equipment is easy to clean and can meet the hygienic requirements of the food and beverage industry.

    – Flexible device layout. It can complete horizontal, inclined and rotating conveying on one conveying line.

    – The structure of the split roof chain conveyor is simple and easy to maintain.

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Advantages and applications

    – Stainless Steel Plate Chain Conveyors have a large conveying surface and they can support themselves in transferring medium and heavy loads applied in the industries of television assembly, refrigerator, air conditioner, electric bicycle, etc. cars and large machinery.

    – The series stainless steel plate chain conveyor  is used for feeding in food production, because this product line has anti-rust ability, clean surface, does not affect the quality of food during processing. variable

    – Anti-corrosion and rust. Various anti-corrosion materials and surface treatment ensure the metal sheet conveyor to resist corrosion and rust. It can be used in harsh environments and arduous conditions commonly used in high temperature food production, preliminary and processingwork environments such as agricultural drying kilns, tea drying or transportation. transfer castings or products through high temperature heat treatment…

    – Durable and long service life. The material of sheet metal conveyor belt is sturdy, can be used in good condition for long service life.

    – The link part is linked by hinges, making it easy to replace and repair when there is a problem without removing the whole system.

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3.4. V-ribbed rubber conveyor belt.

Structures of rubber conveyor belts V

– Fixed design: Used in factories or industrial zones. It is used to transport goods and products in cartons and boxes. Fixed V ribbed rubber conveyor belt saves a lot of fees. Besides, it also has high durability.

– Portable design: Convenient and flexible, can operate in many different terrains. It is suitable for production units that transport products onto trucks. With this design, materials can be transported to heights of up to 35 degrees

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V-ribbed rubber conveyor belt has high applicability

  This type of conveyor is mainly used to transport loose products and materials that are easy to lose during operation. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in food processing units of nuts. It is also used to load agricultural products quickly.

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Besides,  rubber conveyor belt  is especially suitable for construction materials manufacturing industries. For example, transporting heavy sandbags or cement bags. It is also suitable for loading goods onto trucks, cargo containers without much effort.

3.5. Trough rubber conveyor belt.

   This type of conveyor is installed and operated in an inclined or horizontal direction. In the middle will be designed concave. The design of the tilt will depend on the needs of the customer. It can transport materials that are easy to fall to high maneuvers, quickly.

   Currently on the market two popular types of rubber conveyor belts are:

   – Material feed conveyor type inclined to transport single items into the warehouse or yard.

   – Type of inclined conveyor to transport materials up high or in flexible and mobile inclined terrain.

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Practical use and advantages of rubber conveyor belts

    It can be said that trough rubber conveyor belts bring many advantages and advantages for businesses. It can be used maneuvering in many different types of terrain. Besides, assembly and maintenance are quite simple and easy.

   Material feed conveyor can be used to transport goods outdoors. It can adapt to a variety of bad weather, harsh environmental conditions. Especially this conveyor belt has great durability and little stretch. Tightly linked rubber threads have the effect of resisting impacts from the outside, protecting the quality of the conveyor belt.

   For materials with high abrasiveness such as cement or glass, steel core rubber conveyor belts should be used. Because this type of conveyor belt is very durable, it avoids good wear and tear. In particular, the operation process is very smooth, does not make much noise. It also helps businesses save on electricity and labor costs. In addition, it also helps to automate production lines for businesses.

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IV. Application of feed conveyor

   Material feed conveyor are widely used in industrial applications of mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, power, food processing, etc., coal, metal ore, other industries. steel companies, ports, cement and other places where you can see a large number of paper application machines, transport machinery is not only able to complete the delivery of bulk materials, but also since When transporting materials in pieces, but according to different use locations, working environment, transportation of materials, there will be a big difference in their design and application.

– Modern dust feeder systems have higher requirements, so there is a dust collector at each transfer point, the conveyors will be supplied with the windscreen or windscreen, the system is operating, fixing work in the whole system, it is necessary to be based on a singleness on its own, but also to understand the relationship between the systems, in turn, several components independent parts, and only the different components periodically maintain, that is in good working condition, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment;

The above parameters are basic issues to help businesses make the choice of conveyor belts suitable for their type of production. For more specific advice on conveyor products as well as help provide quick solutions for businesses, please come to our Ha Anh conveyor company with many years of experience in the industry. Thanh Cong is committed to providing customers with the most effective and competitive prices.

Our company’s after-sale service

– Material feed conveyor is Maintenance free for equipment quality problems within one year.

– Provide personnel training, training content includes: equipment operation, equipment maintenance and maintenance.

– During the warranty period, the supplied equipment will be covered by free warranty, the damage and problems will be rectified or resolved within 48 hours.

– Equipment beyond the warranty period will provide prompt replacement parts support. Fees will be charged at original price after one year

– Our company is a direct manufacturer, so we can supply all machine parts with the same installed machine to customers.