Automatic Conveyor

Automated conveyor systems are designed to transport any type of products. Due to a variety of infeeds and gripper systems it is possible to palletize almost any product – from vegetables, fruit and meat to packed products, such as serial. As a result, automated conveyor systems are very flexible and are suited are suited for handling high volumes and diverse packaging formats.
Automated conveyor systems are suitable for almost any type of industry and are used worldwide. At Ha anh Convenyor we provide automated conveyor system solutions for almost every industry there is. With this we gained many experience, which ensure us to provide solutions that are perfect for our customers needs.


The trust of our customers is gained by quality of manufacturing and practical design that offers a chance to use automated conveyors systems effectively. Automated conveyor systems are made of stainless steel and from other high-quality built-in parts that ensure long life span of the machine. In addition, stainless steel constructions is easy to clean and comply with the highest quality requirements and hygiene standards while the product transporters make smart use of the space available by organizing conveyors in multiple levels. Automated conveyor systems are powered by electricity and offer economical use of power needed. The flow of material is smooth and optimized, so the time is effectively used. Automated conveyor systems are ergonomically designed for better comfort and productivity and are user friendly, which makes work easier for employees.